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Hot stuff bundle
Hot stuff bundle

Hot stuff bundle

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Includes :

-Teal (tin) mug with black rim.
Printed with white Refuge Chocolate logo. 

-8 gooey marshmallows to dunk in your luxurious hot chocolate or roast on your mini fire in a tin  

-Mini fire in a tin.  This non-toxic, low sooting and low aromaethanol based gel chafing fuel.  Tins are easy to open by hand and have an average 2 hours burn time.
Pop the lid off with a suitable tool - not a sharp knife or anything that could injure you if you accidentally slip. Once open touch a (safe) naked flame to the opened can. 

-Refuge Hot Chocolate Melt; 
2 x solid chocolate and sugar half round shapes.  Add liquid, heat and enjoy.  2 servings per pack.


To make a Refuge thick liquid hot chocolate just like we do:

(Based on 900w microwave)

-Put 1 Refuge Melt into a microwavable mug.

-Pour 125ml double cream into the mug.

-Heat in microwave for 1 minute 

-Remove mug from microwave.  

-Stir and break up the Melt with the spoon until a lot of it has dissolved.

-Heat in microwave again for 20 seconds.

-Stir until all Melt is dissolved.  


Instead of the above methods, heat the liquid in a saucepan on the hob.  

You may also wish to substitute cream for milk or a dairy alternative.


Nutrition information (typical values per 100g) : 

Energy 500Kcal 

Fat 24g

Saturated fat 15g

Carbohydrate 64g

Sugar 62g

Protein 2g

Salt 0.01g

Contains Dark Chocolate (67%) cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: 

SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring.  Dark Chocolate contains: 

Cocoa 54.5% minimum.  Sugar (33%)

May contain MILK.



Net weight 90g